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Every day, the Swiss Federal Railways SBB CFF FFS carries more than a million passengers around Switzerland. About eight million passengers using a recurring ticket have a SwissPass with a photo as the key identifier.

Photo Collect is used to collect and process passenger photos digitally. Every day, hundreds of photos are being processed. To date, we processed more than 500'000 photos.

SBB was one of the early adopters of Photo Collect. Due to the constant high volume, the case was ideal for data driven product improvement. Using extensive A/B testing, we. measured upload results depending on the instructions given. This lead to a very high success rate - 98% if all customers starting the upload process complete it with an accepted photo.


Switzerland speaks many languages. For SBB, we have enabled English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Highly integrated

Photo requests can be created via API from within the SBB sales platform. The entire photo process is integrated.

High customer satisfaction

98%* of all customers say they are satisfied or highly satisfied with the upload process.

* 332'763 out of 340'656 reviews with 3 or 4 stars, out of 4

Fast turnover

It only takes minutes from opening the link in the message to uploading a photo.

Free for the customer

Each customer saves on time and money spent in a traditional photo booth.

Fast follow-up if needed

Easy and fast follow-up by SMS for photos which do not meet the requirements.

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